Significance of Including Language Learning in Primary School

Imagine you have to sit mum when your friends’ group debate and laugh over a trending meme? It can be exasperating. However, you need not be the one suffering if you were lucky enough to have got language training beginning from your primary school. Language, as we all know is the direct link to different […]

Importance of Integrating Physical Education in Schooling.

Physical education is undeniably the core element to achieve a well-rounded education and for the overall well-being of students. They face immense pressure to stay visible in this overtly competitive world. And it is the non-academic experience that instills in them the essential traits to evolve as confident adults. In the past, parents pining for […]

Teaching Techniques of the Best Schools in Madurai for 11th and 12th

As naïve teens step into adolescence, geared up to follow their academic pursuits, students with cis education from an international school can wade through more easily. Higher education lets them reflect on the critical, cultural, social, economic, moral, and spiritual issues around them. With specialized knowledge and interpersonal skills standing at the apex of the […]

Unlocking Potential: Academic Programs that make QMIS unique.

The international schools in Madurai with their exemplary academic programs have long since surpassed the benchmarks of a typical CBSE school. Living in a fast-evolving digital era, the expectations of parents and students have grown beyond infrastructure, air-conditioned classrooms, and the CBSE curriculum. QMIS, which is one of the best international schools in Madurai has […]

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