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BFIT is a daily program designed to engage teachers beyond their classroom duties, fostering a distinct PTA community. Its goal is to establish a school environment focused on passing on
the importance of itness to everyone, ensuring that all individuals are in good physical shape.


Aadukalam, the yearly sports day event, spans 48 hours and serves as an athletic meet aimed at instilling determination, motivation, and team spirit in every participant. The selection process involves categorizing students into four houses - Aryabhatta, Sushrutha, Bhaskara, and Charaka - for a diverse array of track and ield events encompassing running, jumps, and throws.

Parents are also invited to participate in these events. On the inal day of Aadukalam, medals, and cups are awarded to the winners and the victorious houses as a recognition of their achievements.

The Little Emperors

The young talents of Madurai engage in an intercultural program orchestrated by QIMS, offering an enjoyable and enriching experience as they showcase their skills on stage before an
audience. The atmosphere is vibrant, akin to a lively carnival, hosting a variety of events. Children actively take part in dance performances, fashion shows, theatrical plays, painting, rangoli,
and more. Ultimately, the event concludes with joyous smiles adorning the faces of each young participant, signifying their triumph in various activities and their creative domains.

International Dimension in Schools

International Dimension in Schools Exclusive to QMIS, the International Dimension in Schools represents a dedication to integrating global consciousness and fostering global citizenship within classrooms and school communities across nations.
QMIS actively promotes this concept by fostering collaborations with schools from diverse countries, engaging a broader community in the process. This approach enables our children
to explore fresh perspectives, assimilate new ideas, and integrate the diverse thoughts and knowledge shared by students and educational institutions on an international platform.


We are proud to present Sangamam, our yearly cultural event at our school. This event serves as a platform for students to display their talents on stage. It involves weeks of dedicated
training and rehearsals where older students form connections with younger ones, offering support at every stage, and guiding to ensure the success of their respective houses.
Both on-stage and off-stage preparations happen concurrently, with teachers offering guidance and support throughout. At QMIS, while students have the freedom to participate in
programs of their preference, they are also encouraged to learn new skills, fostering a holistic development approach.

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