Student Enrichment Program

At QMIS, we place great emphasis on the personal, social and emotional development of the children. We help them identify and realize their areas of strength to shine better. SEP throws open plenty of opportunities for the students, enabling them to move forward in their scholastic pursuits.

Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities are undertaken to cater to the varied interests shown by children and sustain their enthusiasm along with the curriculum. Through co-curricular activities, we help our children manifest their artistic skills.


The clubs are instilled at QMIS to cultivate the spirit of volunteerism, and good lifelong habits, and showcase the students’ individuality. The six distinguished clubs of QMIS give students the practical training required in daily life.

Erudite Club

English is all fun with the Erudite club activities

Agaram Club

A platform to cherish the tamil literature through linguistic activities

Heritage Club

Exploring the past and to take the values to build the future.

Science Club

A place to nurture the curious, young and innovative learners.

Adventure Club

Daring and enduring individuals are fostered with values for life through the adventure club activities

Pop Corn Club

Intensifies the students’ creativity through edutainment.

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