Experience the
Qmis Advantage

Providing the perfect runway for your child to take off into the world.

By opting for the road less travelled, we can go far. Our comprehensive schooling system encourages exploration, creativity, and critical thinking.
Our curriculum, from Kindergarten to Grade 12 integrates academics, arts, physical education, and mindfulness to provide a well-rounded education that prepares students for the future.
Our tried and tested recipe for success is strategically designed for students from Kindergarten to the teens in Grade 12, who are ready to step into the world


At Queen Mira International School (QMIS), our vision is clear: "Educating the leaders of tomorrow who will change the way the world lives, learns, and works." We aim to prepare students
not only academically but also ethically and emotionally to become inluential leaders in a rapidly evolving global landscape. Our focus is on nurturing individuals who can address challenges,
innovate solutions, and make a positive impact on society


“Preparing Responsible Global Citizens”
QMIS is dedicated to providing a holistic educational experience that fosters intellectual, social, emotional, and ethical development. We strive to equip our students with the knowledge,
skills, and values necessary to thrive in an interconnected world. Our mission is to nurture a learning environment where curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking are encouraged, empowering
students to contribute meaningfully to a diverse and ever-changing society.

Our core values embody the essence of QMIS, shaping our educational philosophy and guiding our interactions within the school community.
We instill in our students the following values:

Integrating Values into Education at QMIS

These core values form the foundation of our educational approach. At QMIS, we integrate these principles into our curriculum, extracurricular activities, and daily interactions. Through
academic lessons, collaborative projects, community service initiatives, and nurturing relationships, we aim to instill these values in our students, enabling them to become well-rounded
individuals poised to positively impact the world.

At Queen Mira International School, our commitment to fostering not just academic excellence but also character development is rooted in our vision, mission, and core values. We aspire to empower our students to become compassionate, innovative, and responsible global citizens who will shape a brighter future for themselves and the world.

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