Importance of Integrating Physical Education in Schooling.

Physical education is undeniably the core element to achieve a well-rounded education and for the overall well-being of students. They face immense pressure to stay visible in this overtly competitive world. And it is the non-academic experience that instills in them the essential traits to evolve as confident adults. In the past, parents pining for only academic excellence led to students losing their innate potential. It is for this reason that the international schools in Tamilnadu have stepped up and initiated innumerable opportunities in the physical education domain. This blog will help you understand the necessity and the benefits of physical education and how QMIS which is one of the top 10 schools in Madurai has been doing this effortlessly.

Ways in which physical activity can be incorporated into a student’s life.

Schools can take up the responsibility of promoting outdoor activities like camping, hiking, etc through fun-filled programs. Most of the international schools in Tamilnadu have dance clubs, fitness classes, and sports teams integrated as part of their schooling schedule. This can appeal to a broader range of students with varied potentials and encourage them to be a part of these physical activities

Parents can extend their interest and support by providing them the right to engage in physical activities like swimming, martial arts, cycling, dance forms, and sports. This will reduce screen time, improve outdoor time, and boost their physical and mental fitness.

Notable rewards of physical education in the learning journey.

Improved focus: Any form of physical activity can boost the child’s concentration and memory power. While playing or engaging in any activity of their interest, they naturally do it with one-pointed focus and interest, which improves their cognizance.

Stress-free learning: When the need to excel academically gets stressful, it is sports or any form of physical activity that comes to their aid, calms the mind, teaches concentration, and offers clarity.

Better sleep and health: Sleep is interlinked to our health, which in turn determines our performance and success. Even more essential for students who are drained of energy after a tiring day at school. Physical education ensures obesity and other health issues are at bay leading to improved academic performance.

Improved creativity and critical thinking: The top 10 schools in Madurai have varied forms of physical activities imbibed in their curriculum to encourage creative thinking and problem-solving skills among the students. Being a part of a team and facing different challenges while trying to compete will immensely boost the students’ individuality.

Different types/forms of physical education.

Team Sports Activities: These sports organized by schools will require students to get into teams and play competitively. E.g. Football, cricket, basketball

Individual Sports: These sports give opportunity to individuals to showcase their potential in games like swimming, track-race, tennis, etc.

Fitness sessions: These are designed to focus on overall physical fitness, such as running, jumping, lifting weights, and stretching.

Educational outdoor camps: Students along with the respective mentor team travel to a natural location which can be hiking, adventure sports, camping, etc.

Dance classes/events: This involves learning and performing several dance forms either individually or in groups, such as ballet, jazz, and hip hop.

Yoga and other calming exercises: These exercises focus on connecting the mind and body. E.g. yoga, tai chi, and meditation.

How does QMIS integrate physical education into everyday schooling?

QMIS follows a global education approach to prepare students to face the dynamic, challenging environment, evoking learning beyond books, and making happy schooling a reality. Being one of the sought-after international schools in Tamilnadu the school has established unique approaches to ensure physical education is part of everyday routine.

Aadukalam: The most popular and grand 48-hour athletic meet, is the annual sports day at QMIS that has a wide range of field and track events to test, identify, and reward the determination and potential of every student.

BFIT: It is a daily activity to build a unique PTA community that aims at building a batten of fitness for the staff, students, and parents. It is the first step in developing character and spirit, where individuals challenge and excel themselves.

Little Emperors: QMIS organizes this fun-filled intercultural program for the children of Madurai. It has different carnival feats and events for kids of different age groups to showcase their talents in front of a wide audience.

Sangamam: It is the annual cultural meet for students to showcase their skills on stage after weeks of rigorous training. It is also the perfect stage for the students, teachers, juniors, and seniors to bond well, learn, and guide each other

Co-curricular activities and clubs: To appeal to the diverse range of potentials and age groups, QMIS has initiated and incorporated an array of adventure and art clubs, and extra-curricular sessions like swimming, yoga, martial arts, and dance forms, to name a few. Students develop volunteering spirit, reflective habits, and individuality.


Engaging in any form of physical activity from a very young age gifts a healthy lifestyle and excellence in all forms. QMIS being one of the best schools in Madurai CBSE emphasizes the personal, social, and emotional development of the students. The school’s student enrichment programs are proof of it, which fosters holistic development and encourages them to march ahead as confident individuals.

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