Teaching Techniques of the Best Schools in Madurai for 11th and 12th

As naïve teens step into adolescence, geared up to follow their academic pursuits, students with cis education from an international school can wade through more easily. Higher education lets them reflect on the critical, cultural, social, economic, moral, and spiritual issues around them. With specialized knowledge and interpersonal skills standing at the apex of the educational pyramid, students become ready to take over as change makers. This blog explores the needs and benefits of a strong higher education and how QMIS, which is one of the best schools in Madurai for 11th and 12th makes this possible through their unique learning programs and practices.

Higher education, a path to endless learning.

Education is the training of both mind and soul, an awakening that inculcates not just knowledge but wisdom as well. Higher education is necessary to align oneself with the guiding principles of society to preserve democracy, justice, equality, liberty, and fraternity

Instilling the higher values of life in one’s mind while still young will help the individual embrace diversity and shine through challenges. Higher education primarily focuses on shaping responsible leaders to evolve in their professional and personal lives.

Rewards of Higher Education.

Higher education is a transformational journey that benefits your personal growth and decides the ebb and flow of one’s future. However, the rewards of a robust higher education are many.

Grow self-dependant: Higher education demands your intuitive growth and problem-solving skills. Along with time management, students also learn to manage money and relationships prudently.

A cue to find your passion: Through exposure to varied workshops, events, and activities, students in higher institutions get to discover and explore new interests.

Gateway to new possibilities: When the learning is enhanced so are the number of opportunities that pave the way for innumerable possibilities to shape their future.

Become a seasoned candidate: Along with a strong academic background multinationals look for well-rounded candidates, grooming them to develop various skills.

Land at well-paid jobs: The values and knowledge that one acquires through their higher education get a reputed profile with higher salary and other benefits.

Experiential learning: It includes practicums and internships that prepare students to face the volatile challenges of the world, learn from experiences, and gain clarity on the pursued field of study.

QMIS – the world’s first CIS-accredited international school in Madurai.

Applauded as one of the trustable international schools in Madurai with CIS accreditation, the school strives to produce responsible global citizens. Replete with core values like Accountability, Integrity, and Commitment, students are groomed for a robust higher education. As the first CIS-accredited international school, QMIS promotes intercultural learning and international safety standards. With an ideal teacher-student ratio of 1:10 the prides over an excellent academic record for grades X and XII.

  • One of the best schools in Madurai for 11th and 12th QMIS blends CIS standards and CBSE curriculum perfectly.
  • The school’s Health and Safety Committee provides a safe and supportive environment for the physical, and emotional integrity and safety of students and staff.
  • Digital Citizenship Committee, fosters and empowers students in the use of innovative technologies to enhance teaching and learning practices.
  • Global Citizenship Committee is interlinked with CIS education and provides ample opportunities to acquire and develop leadership traits through meaningful collaborations.

Unique programs at QMIS to achieve excellence in higher education.

3 B (Broad, Balanced, and Blended) curriculum for KG to grade XII: The unique pedagogy – fosters individuality and inspires collective progress. It focuses on the child’s holistic development through a secure learning environment, emphasizing academic rigor and engagement beyond the walls of a classroom.

Student Driven Class is another transformative approach that helps students understand learning styles and then choose the right deliverance concept for their learning journey.

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) sessions are the pioneering learning technique for classes 1 to 6 establishing a cross-curricular linkage with core subjects to nurture collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

Rhapsody is a learning methodology that uses music as a tool for improved logical understanding and holistic growth.

The school’s unswerving assessment process gauges and rewards the student’s academic performance, co-curricular achievements, behavior patterns, and progress.

Varied co-curricular clubs at QMIS accentuate the spirit of volunteerism, build reflective habits, and showcase the individuality of the students.

QMIS’s faculty team and Univariety, an online career guidance portal with a worldwide network of 150 universities, understand, guide, and lead students on the right career/learning path.


Higher education is beyond investing in a future career. It is the right stage to relearn, explore, and experience new passions and possibilities. The practical exposure and the diverse community that it offers facilitates a transformational journey for the students. QMIS is way ahead of the crowd in the higher education sphere with its innovative learning practices, unique programs, and prominent track record in academics. By combining the CIS educational standards and CBSE curriculum, QMIS has been creating responsible global leaders.  

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