Unlocking Potential: Academic Programs that make QMIS unique.

The international schools in Madurai with their exemplary academic programs have long since surpassed the benchmarks of a typical CBSE school. Living in a fast-evolving digital era, the expectations of parents and students have grown beyond infrastructure, air-conditioned classrooms, and the CBSE curriculum. QMIS, which is one of the best international schools in Madurai has flawless and progressive academic programs in place which address the holistic development of the students.

The need for a strong academic program isn’t a myth!

With the growing number of international schools, the enrolments have also been increasing manifold in recent years. An international curriculum suffused within a multicultural and diverse environment allows students to improve their perspectives and adapt to the global society. A carefully curated academic program offers the below benefits.

Globalized education: The best schools in Madurai following international standards combine and offer a global curriculum with a rich exposure to educational rudiments from schooling systems from around the world. Students learn to understand and respect diverse cultures and nationalities. This unique learning approach readies them to handle challenges in the global platform.

Land at the best university or career: An international school curriculum can easily secure a place for you in any of the renowned universities and multinationals. The opportunities, specialized knowledge, recognition, and competence that the students receive, set them apart from the crowd.

Prudent evaluation system: The assessment approach of the top international Madurai schools focuses on mastery over skill development, critical thinking, and strengths identification. The stress-free learning environment emphasizes overall well-being and collaborative learning possibilities, rather than promoting a ranking/scorecard system.

Encourages Holistic Development: By nurturing the students’ intellectual, emotional, and social well-being holistic development is achieved. The diverse curriculum with extra-curricular activities provides an inclusive learning environment to identify and promote the child’s unique abilities. Creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving are built into their personality, which is vital to survive in the global platform.

QMIS – Sowing the seeds for happy learning.

QMIS emphasizes academic precision and engagements beyond the classroom using a wide spectrum of events and opportunities. Value-based learning is the core of the school’s curriculum which imparts holistic education. The students get to explore excellence in multiple dimensions, which includes intellectual, social, and physical development to emerge as change makers.

The School’s Philosophy is integrated into the everyday routine with the central values of Creativity and innovation, Leadership, Collaborative learning, and Experiential, and Global citizenship.

Unique academic programs at QMIS.

QMIS’s academic program focuses on shaping confident leaders and so has established the 3 B curriculum (broad, balanced, and blended) for all grades to foster individuality and inspire collective progress.

Student Driven Class is another transformative approach that helps students understand learning styles and then choose the concept deliverance for their learning journey.

STEAM is the pioneering approach for classes 1 to 6 which integrates and establishes cross-curricular linkage with a blend of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. This methodology nurtures collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving.

Education using music as a tool is made possible using Rhapsody, where the child gains musical intelligence and logical understanding. Holistic growth and development then follow, naturally.

At QMIS, in the Early Childhood Academics Program, the child placed in an ergonomically designed environment inculcates curiosity, exploration, and discovery. Through an individualized approach creative expression, numeracy, language, literacy, self, and social awareness are nurtured.

For grades 1 to 5 in the school’s primary academic program, the child is encouraged to develop communication skills, learn to observe, measure, and solve problems, and is introduced to Information and Communication technology.

The Middle Years Programme focuses on the student’s different intellectual and developmental needs. Critical thinking, public speaking, group activities, and promoting initiatives are the key skills that the students develop at this stage.

Students of the secondary academic program (Grades 9, 10, 11, 12) direct young and confident minds in aligning their potential with the school’s guiding principles. They choose between Science and Economics streams as per the international CBSE curriculum. They are groomed to handle global demands and to qualify for various competitive examinations.

The school’s conclusive assessment process is a vital part of the teaching and learning process. The student’s academic performance, co-curricular achievements, behaviour patterns, and progress are monitored and assessed regularly. ‘Star of the Month’, is a recognition that identifies and acknowledges the holistic performance of the child.


QMIS is applauded as one of the best schools in Madurai for consistently delivering CBSE education at unparalleled international standards. Experiential and collaborative learning lies at the core of its pedagogical structure. Students learn reflective habits, share knowledge, and embrace differences which are necessary to nurture leadership skills. The school’s carefully curated academic program facilitates a well-rounded learning experience and enjoyable educational journeys for the students. Through its global citizenship philosophy, QMIS offers a perfect amalgamation of the CBSE curriculum and co-curricular to shape the leaders of tomorrow.

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