Beyond Borders: How International School Syllabi Prepare Students for a Globalized World

A decade ago, to be a part of a global platform after being groomed by an International School Syllabus was a dream to many. It is through the pragmatic and application-based learning methodology that the students learn to apply their knowledge to maneuver several real-life ambiguities. An International School Syllabus addresses the overall development of […]

QMIS – Academic Excellence with a Global Perspective

Queen Mira International School stands and strives by its motto of “More and Beyond.” It provides a collaborative learning environment for its staff and students that acts as a means to achieve the overall development of the student. This CIS-accredited CBSE international school believes in providing an anywhere and anytime learning environment through innovative classroom […]

Encouraging Creativity: How Art and Music Benefit Cognitive Development

Imagine a school timetable loaded only with the core subjects without a minute to wonder, relax, or smile. Doesn’t it sound exhausting just to imagine a few hours of your school time devoid of art, colors, fun, and music? It is for the same reason that schools include art and music-based activities not just to […]

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