QMIS – Academic Excellence with a Global Perspective

Queen Mira International School stands and strives by its motto of “More and Beyond.” It provides a collaborative learning environment for its staff and students that acts as a means to achieve the overall development of the student. This CIS-accredited CBSE international school believes in providing an anywhere and anytime learning environment through innovative classroom ideas, creative teaching techniques that are on par with international standards, and effective Student Enrichment Programs.

Applauded as the best international school in Madurai, QMIS delivers value-based education that shapes responsible global citizens and rightful leaders of tomorrow. QMIS is a CBSE international school in Madurai that has integrated its core values of Accountability, Commitment, Integrity, Positivity, and Respect in the learning environment through curricular and co-curricular programs.

Unique Values of QMIS to Gain a Global Perspective

  • The methodical guiding statements of QMIS act as the stepping stone in achieving academic rigor and excellence beyond the classroom through a vast spectrum of opportunities.
  • The school’s CBSE curriculum emphasizes the development of Global Citizenship through a holistic education and innovative classroom ideas.
  • A safe and empathetic environment goes a long way in guarding the overall well-being of the student community. QMIS prioritizes this the most by establishing integrity and safety practices for the physical and emotional safety of the QMIS staff and students.
  • The school’s globalized perspective helps the students stay aware of the vast global network, and the link connecting us all. This knowledge will help students grow to be the catalyst of positive change in society.
  • This best international school in Madurai boosts the ethical, intellectual, social, and creative competencies inside and outside the classroom by encouraging multilingualism, embracing diversity, exploring art forms, and through research and collaborative activities.
  • QMIS supports learning and development through effective, focused, and consistent assessment practices. The school also encourages shared partnerships for better bonding between the students, families, staff, and other stakeholders of the QMIS.
  • The values of Digital Citizenship and fostering innovative technology are embedded in the curriculum values to empower and create responsible creators.

Unique programs at QMIS to deliver a holistic education.

QMIS stands out from the several CBSE schools in the city and state for its commitment to elevating the teaching, and learning techniques for the holistic development of the students. QMIS has an integrated 3B curriculum (Broad, Balanced, and Blended) from Kindergarten to Grade 12 that explores multiple dimensions of excellence through value-based learning.

As the world’s first CIS-accredited CBSE international school, QMIS adopts experiential learning to let students develop intuitive habits. Its CIS certificate ensures that it focuses on creating global citizens by empowering and equipping them to confidently step onto a global platform

The STEAM session is a unique QMIS initiative that establishes a cross-curricular linkage of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. It fosters creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking in young minds.

Student Driven Classes are another transformative approach adapted for students of Grades 6 and above. Students gain awareness of the learning styles with the support of a facilitator and thereafter choose the pedagogy for the concept deliverance.

The school’s Digital Citizenship Committee (DCC) educates students on the effective and responsible use of technology. Students are encouraged and empowered to transform into content creators augmented with innovative technologies.

Among the several CBSE schools in Madurai, QMIS is the only one that has launched a Global Citizenship Committee (GCC). The GCC defines global citizenship as internationally–minded and promotes the education of students on the importance of embracing, respecting, and celebrating all forms of diversity. Responsible global leaders are people who can foster a peaceful and sustainable future.


QMIS endorses ‘learning beyond the classroom’ and has since its inception strived to provide a conducive learning environment. It is by delivering academic excellence, holistic development, and global citizenship that the school was honored with the CIS accreditation.

The school stands as a trailblazer in the world of education, marking a historic achievement as the first CBSE institution worldwide to attain accreditation from the Council of International Schools (CIS). This distinguished recognition underscores its commitment to delivering an exceptional educational experience that parallels the highest global benchmarks set by leading school boards internationally.

Distinguished by a curriculum that seamlessly integrates diverse learning methodologies, QMIS goes beyond fostering academic proficiency; it instills in students a sense of responsibility and purpose within their communities.

QMIS’s ascent to greater heights is further validated by its recent acknowledgment from the esteemed Council of International Schools in Norway.

If you want to provide your child with an education that goes beyond textbooks and moulds them into well-rounded individuals, QMIS is the ideal choice. Join the happy schooling movement and let QMIS guide your child toward a bright and promising future. Visit Queen Mira International School to know more!

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