Encouraging Creativity: How Art and Music Benefit Cognitive Development

Imagine a school timetable loaded only with the core subjects without a minute to wonder, relax, or smile. Doesn’t it sound exhausting just to imagine a few hours of your school time devoid of art, colors, fun, and music? It is for the same reason that schools include art and music-based activities not just to creatively engage the students but to also help them unwind, connect, and boost their cognitive abilities.

QMIS, the best international school in Madurai, takes pride in focussing and positively impacting the student’s overall well-being through a motley of art activities and music programs. Let us learn more in this blog about the importance of providing a creative classroom experience through various art and music sessions and their influence on the student’s cognitive development.

Benefits of Including Art and Music in Education

The importance of including art and music in education is not to identify performers but for a far more significant purpose of instilling confidence, focus, creativity, and cognizance in young minds. Music undoubtedly has a positive impact on the child’s academic performance, helps in developing social skills, and becomes a window of creativity which is vital in the learning and development journey of students.

The best schools in Madurai, especially Queen Mira, have music and art as part of their curriculum through interactive sessions, art clubs and workshops, creative classrooms, cultural events, and music programs. Some of the key benefits of art and music in the student’s learning process are:

  • Boosts creativity: The aggressive academic competition surrounding a student leaves them drained of creativity, so engaging in art, music, and other relaxing activities automatically stimulates creativity.
  • Better peer bonding: Students while in a creative environment tend to interact and bond better because when engaged in a creative art form like music, their minds are receptive to new ideas.
  • Improved cognitive development: The focus, fulfillment, and joy that art and music bring in are unparalleled. Focussed young minds are rendered calm which in turn boosts their cognitive ability.
  • Embrace socio-cultural differences: Music acts as a catharsis of unidentified emotions in students. Through this they learn to understand and respect the emotions and thoughts of others, making their perspectives expansive.
  • Elevates one’s personality: Art and music come from dedication and perseverance which in-turn boosts confidence and instills inclusivity in young minds.

How to Encourage Creativity in Art and Education?

Some of the ways by which you can incorporate art in the classroom are:

  • Assign creative activities for the respective subjects: Be it history or maths, making models or creating games, the activity induces the students to think, marvel, and work together.
  • Create an appealing classroom: A colorful classroom not only turns the students curious but creative as well. The creative models and techniques used by the teacher will tempt them to think differently and understand better.
  • Encourage visual models: Who doesn’t enjoy sketching and a splash of colors in their books and charts? Encouraging the students to explore art forms to represent a plant cell, architecture, a historic figure, or a fraction in maths is the best way to boost their confidence and creativity.
  • Turn everything musical: Creating music videos on key lessons, and adding a rhyme to boring facts and maths tables will inspire them to turn to music or instruments.

QMIS – Events, Clubs, and Workshops

QMIS is the first CIS-accredited international school in Madurai that has truly understood and implemented art and music-related activities as part of the school curriculum. True to the motto of NEP 2019 this best school in Madurai emphasizes on a holistic approach to developing students as independent individuals. Some of the popular initiatives of the school include:

  • Rhapsody: Education through music methodology is a scientific approach to boost the child’s intelligence and confidence.
  • STEAM sessions: A novel way of learning by establishing cross-curricular linkage between core subjects for grades 1-6.
  • Student Enrichment Programs: Performance arts (for dance forms and musical instruments), Creative arts (for various art forms), Martial arts.
  • Distinguished art clubs: Erudite, Agaram, Heritage, Science, Adventure, and Pop corn clubs.

Queen Mira International School Sets New Standards

By integrating art into education, QMIS offers boundless opportunities for students to express themselves creatively in different ways. Hailed as the best international school in Madurai it inspires critical thinking and teaches students ways to use cognitive skills in problem-solving. Several workshops, events, and programs have been thoughtfully curated and implemented for the students to reap maximum benefits through a confluence of art and music in education. Creativity, confidence, and cognizance make the students of QMIS stand out, making them responsible leaders of tomorrow.

If you want to provide your child with an education that goes beyond textbooks and moulds them into well-rounded individuals, QMIS is the ideal choice. Join the happy schooling movement and let QMIS guide your child toward a bright and promising future. Visit Queen Mira International School to know more!

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