Beyond Borders: How International School Syllabi Prepare Students for a Globalized World

A decade ago, to be a part of a global platform after being groomed by an International School Syllabus was a dream to many. It is through the pragmatic and application-based learning methodology that the students learn to apply their knowledge to maneuver several real-life ambiguities.

An International School Syllabus addresses the overall development of a student that is challenging and exciting, setting the right benchmark for the others around them. This includes excelling in academics, discovering and chasing one’s passion, coming first in competitions, and landing their dream college.

Read on to know more about the rewards of a CBSE-CIS education, the system followed by a CIS-accredited school, and the uniqueness that sets QMIS apart, a well-known international school in Madurai with a CIS accreditation.

Why is the International School Syllabus gaining prominence in India?

The syllabus and teaching techniques of an international school are exceptional in addition to the infrastructure and the holistic approach to learning they adopt to help the students break borders and set new standards. The students enjoy the learning process, gain a better understanding of the subjects and problem-solving skills, and take on challenges with confidence. An International School Syllabus is curated so that the child’s inherent talents and interests are identified, strengthened, and channeled in the right direction.

The undeniable rewards of an International School Syllabus include:

  • Exposure to a global network.
  • Competitive exams become a cakewalk.
  • Learning becomes fun.
  • Improved problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.
  • Communicate like a pro and find the leader in you.
  • Manage resources and time methodically.
  • Several opportunities for students with different talents.

Setting Foot on the Global Stage With a CIS Education

CIS (Council of International Schools) heads a membership community of schools and educational institutions globally. A school is given the coveted CIS certificate only when the counsel can see that they believe in exploring and implementing effective practices to nurture healthy and multiculturally able global citizens.

These schools strive to connect ideas and cultures developing responsible leadership through international education. They emphasize the below values:

  • Leadership: A collective knowledge and experience not only inspires better perspectives but encourages leadership by exploring ideas and guiding others, to act progressively.
  • Growth mindset: With an open mind to new insights and ideas, curiosity improves and organized thinking helps to focus on development.
  • Global citizenship: A CIS education gives a solid foundation that will inspire and promote intercultural perspectives through international education.
  • Embracing diversity: Good holistic education teaches students to respect and embrace cultures, beliefs, and ideas from different regions, to form an inspiring learning community.

Why is QMIS known as the best international school in Madurai?

Queen Mira International School is the first CBSE school (among 19 other schools in India) to have been granted the renowned CIS accreditation for delivering global citizenship, high-quality learning, and exceptional maintenance of International safety standards.

  • 3B curriculum: QMIS follows the 3B curriculum values; broad, balanced, and blended for all the classes to foster individuality and inspire collective progress. The school follows a teaching and learning model for holistic development and well-being, using a curriculum that kindles and creates a safe learning environment.
  • Academic excellence: The students explore several dimensions of excellence, including social, intellectual, and physical development to emerge as change makers. Equal emphasis is laid on academic rigor and other co-curricular engagements beyond the classroom using a wide spectrum of activities.
  • Value-based learning: To provide holistic education and sustainable development, QMIS believes in delivering it through value-based learning, which is the school’s prime philosophy inculcated in the student’s daily routine through 12 guiding statements
  • Safety Committee: Being one of the best CBSE schools in Madurai, to effectively practice and implement Health & Safety and Child Protection Policies, a Health and Safety is established to regularly review and upgrade the safety norms to remove possible threats.
  • Socio-economic well-being: The school gives top priority to the emotional well-being of its staff and students by providing a conducive environment where the physical and emotional integrity of each is taken care of, which includes the student’s safety in the classroom, inside and outside the school campus.
  • Digital Citizenship: To complement teaching and learning, and to encourage responsible use of technology, the school’s respective committee educates the students on the importance of Digital Citizenship, Cyber safety, and Intellectual Property Rights while using technology.
  • Gain global citizenship: This top international school in Madurai, embraces, respects, and celebrates diversity in all forms to foster a peaceful and sustainable leadership globally. Through the Global Citizenship Committee, QMIS empowers learners to become leaders and resolve challenges to create a more peaceful world.

QMIS – World’s 1st CIS-Acredited CBSE School

Each child is blessed with unique capabilities, aptitude, and passion and the right schooling with an exclusive syllabus prepares them for global challenges. To shape young minds and to win over a culturally and professionally diverse environment, a CIS education is essential. Some of the best CBSE schools in Madurai follow the syllabus to offer balanced knowledge and test their potential in the competitive world. But it is an international school curriculum, like the one followed by QMIS that teaches the students to tackle real-life hitches, develop empathetic communication, embrace socio-cultural differences, and identify leadership abilities and creativity that contribute to overall success.

Guided by the CIS and UN’s development goals, QMIS has a Global Citizenship framework that is linked to the curriculum, giving the students several opportunities to develop leadership experiences through expressive collaborations.

For parents seeking an education that extends beyond traditional textbooks and nurtures well-rounded individuals, QMIS stands out as the perfect option. Embrace the joyful learning journey and allow QMIS to shape your child into a versatile individual with a promising future. Visit Queen Mira International School to know more!

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