CBSE Curriculum: A Strong Foundation for a Lifetime of Success

In the world of education, India’s elite Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) stands tall as a cornerstone of academic excellence. Its curriculum has been a benchmark for holistic development, fostering a dynamic learning environment that shapes the future of millions of students. With its comprehensive approach and multiple advantages, the CBSE curriculum stands out […]

Education Beyond the Classroom: Experience the Holistic Advantage

Today, holistic education is more than just an idea. It is gaining steam in education, on a global scale. The concept of holistic education is based on the philosophy of educating the whole person, beyond the core academics. Institutions are realizing that along with core academics, students, from KG classes, need to be armed with […]

Rewards of Collaborative Learning to Boost Student Engagement and Achievement.

Didn’t we all as kids enjoy the games period, lab hours and group study more than the usual school timetable? The reason is quite evident to all of us. We think, learn, perform, and share stupendously better around a peer group than being cornered with expectations as individuals. It is by implementing this ‘Collaborative Learning” […]

Harness the Power of CIS-Education and Take Your Child to the Global Platform

What’s CIS Accreditation? The Council of International Schools (CIS) Accreditation is given by the prestigious Council of International Schools, a non-profit membership community, based in Leiden, Netherlands. This group is dedicated to fostering an international education system by providing professional services to the schools part of the group. The CIS International Accreditation, known for its […]

Here’s Why QMIS is the Perfect Place for Your Child to Start Their Schooling

Embarking on your child’s educational journey is a crucial decision because it’s the one that sets the foundation for their future. We understand that choosing the right school can be a daunting task and we are here to tell you why choosing Queen Mira International School for your child is the best decision. We explore […]

Nurturing Curiosity in Pre-KG: Queen Mira’s Approach to Happy Schooling

Queen Mira International School (QMIS) shines as the best CBSE school in Madurai, with a unique focus on shaping early childhood experiences, particularly emphasizing the importance of Nurturing Curiosity in the Kindergarten classes. Why is nurturing curiosity in children important? QMIS’s Approach to Pre-KG Education QMIS’ teaching methods are designed to encourage curiosity, exploration, and […]

Early Socialization is Crucial in Pre-KG.

Socialization is a critical aspect of childhood development. Engaging with others helps children form a strong sense of self, a crucial developmental milestone that shapes their perception of the world. Furthermore, socialization nurtures essential life skills like confidence, effective communication, and problem-solving. Social development is closely interconnected with various aspects of a child’s overall growth, […]

Q’s Child Rights

Q was proactive and played a responsible role in imparting awareness about the rights of children through sessions and poster presentations. This was organized by the Global Citizenship Committee on 25th & 27th June for the Graders 6-9 & 11. The motto of this initiation was to make Q’s Children be aware of child rights, […]

International Yoga Day

Q’s intra-communication software process was shifted from Edusparrow to Edumerge and the same was oriented to the admin and academic team members. Edumerge is a School Management Software system offering multiple functionalities facilitating the processes and interactions defined within a software system that can be easily adapted to the system requirements of a working context. […]

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