Harness the Power of CIS-Education and Take Your Child to the Global Platform

What’s CIS Accreditation?

The Council of International Schools (CIS) Accreditation is given by the prestigious Council of International Schools, a non-profit membership community, based in Leiden, Netherlands. This group is dedicated to fostering an international education system by providing professional services to the schools part of the group.

The CIS International Accreditation, known for its excellence and exclusivity, is acknowledged, and endorsed by various European ministries, as well as educational authorities, universities, and departments worldwide in 123 countries.

The CIS Accreditation acts as a guiding light, steering educational institutions toward global recognition. It goes beyond mere certification; instead, it represents an unwavering commitment to providing students with an education that transcends geographical boundaries. CIS promotes educational institutions to reflect on their own practices, pinpoint areas for development, and make necessary adjustments. It helps the school cultivate a culture of constant improvement.

For Queen Mira in Madurai, where diversity intersects with tradition, the CIS Accreditation becomes a catalyst for shaping the future leaders of tomorrow.

The Importance of CIS

  • Plays a crucial role in international education
  • Promotes ongoing school improvement and encourages global awareness
  • CIS accreditation ensures top-notch quality of education
  • Provides parents and students with confidence in the school’s excellence and global acceptance
  • Fosters professional development for educators, instils an international perspective, and widens doors to superior higher education college and career prospects
  • CIS’ emphasis on networking and collaboration enriches the educational experience, making it a cornerstone in the global education landscape

QMIS – A CIS Accredited School

Queen Mira International School is the first ever CBSE school in the world to have been granted CIS accreditation for delivering high-quality education. Their blended curriculum not only imparts academic knowledge on par with the global platform but also helps students become responsible and valuable members of society.

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Exceptional Standards in Education:

CIS accreditation is rooted in a set of high standards diligently followed by QMIS. These standards cover every aspect of education, from curriculum design to teaching methodologies. With CIS standards, QMIS students benefit from a comprehensive education that equips them to navigate the complexities of the world.

Enriching Learning Experiences:

CIS accreditation is not a one-time achievement; it is a dynamic process that encourages continuous improvement. This is reflected in the learning experiences provided by QMIS. Students at QMIS are exposed to a curriculum that transcends boundaries, fostering a deep understanding of different cultures and perspectives. The classrooms become vibrant spaces where curiosity is nurtured, and creativity finds expression.

The Global Edge of CIS Education:

Studying in a school with a CIS certificate opens doors to a global network of schools, creating opportunities for collaborative learning and cultural exchange. Students in QMIS find themselves connected to greater knowledge, broadening their horizons, and preparing them for a future that knows no limits.

As QMIS continues to scale greater heights, the prestigious CIS Accreditation emerges as the guiding force behind its success. It’s not just about meeting international benchmarks; it’s about shaping a generation of individuals unconfined by geographical boundaries. With the CIS Accreditation, Madurai’s premium educational institution is not only raising the standards of schools in and around the area; but is cultivating a legacy of global excellence, enriching the educational landscape for generations to come.

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