Reasons Why CIS International School Stands Out Among Madurai’s Educational Institutions

Children of this generation are born with great potential and untapped enthusiasm and it is the prime responsibility of a school to shape their confidence and perspective and show them the abundant possibilities of the world. Several renowned and international schools, complying with the voices of most parents, strive hard to provide the best of learning and infrastructure. The CIS (Council of International Schools) accredited schools take it to the next level by opening doors to a global platform by offering top-notch international education and experience. It is for the same reason that QMIS is celebrated as the best school in Madurai. 

Among the other international schools in Madurai, this CIS-accredited international school has been following the holistic education model as its benchmark since its inception. And was then recognized by the Council of International Schools, Netherlands for its exemplary academic performance, educational practices, and safe learning environment for its students.

What is CIS accreditation?

The Council of International Schools guides and develops socially responsible global citizens by providing international education and experience by offering its services to various educational institutions. The CIS community will focus on four aspects of schooling: Teaching and learning, Leadership and Staff Development, Assessment, and Community Engagement.

To achieve this, CIS imbibes an international and intercultural perspective in its educational programs and offerings, equipping its students with the right attitude to make the right academic moves. By providing a global citizenship and intercultural experience CIS identifies the complexities and addresses the differences precisely.

The rewards of choosing a CIS international school for your child.

A school is recognized with a CIS accreditation for its high standards of performance in providing international education and commitment to consistently improve. The accreditation process places importance on encouraging sustainable student development and helping the school to stay aligned with global standards.

The award affirms that:

  • The school’s mission and vision are devoted to the development of its students and to securing their global citizenship
  • It offers the best services as an international school to its students and associated community.
  • Believes in investing its time and resources that is in-par with an internationally recognized accreditation authority
  • The school will emphasize the quality of teaching, learning, and student safety and well-being as well.
  • The accredited international school consistently improves its teaching strategies and stays open to be evaluated by the respective authority.
  • The students from a CIS accredited school are considered distinguished by the higher educational institutions for the globally recognized standards, values, and skills instilled in them.

Why QMIS is one of the top international schools in Madurai?

With a unique and apt tagline of ‘More and Beyond,’ QMIS has been the first among all the CBSE schools in India to have been accredited as the CIS international school for its exemplary education system that nurtures global citizenship and adheres to international safety standards. 

QMIS had to go through a rigorous evaluation process that stretched over 5 long years. The evaluation considered nine key domains such as teaching methods, happy schooling, and learning, synergetic classrooms, global connect, child protection, the emotional well-being of students, and student-driven classrooms. Reasons why QMIS is considered the best CIS International school in Madurai are:

  • The Queen Mira International School, well-known as the best school in Madurai, readied itself since its year of inception to be eligible for the process of international accreditation and to gain access to CIS’s incredible knowledge sources, career and recruitment services.
  • The school management strongly believes and strives to provide an all-inclusive education that is stress-free, focusing equally on academics and sports and enjoyable classroom learning.
  • The other notable amenities on par with international learning standards include a robotics lab in Madurai, an Educational ISRO trip, a Counselling cell for students, a state-of-the-art library and computer lab, a dance studio, BFit classes, and an outdoor gym.
  • Hailed as one of the top international schools in Madurai, it now stands as a beacon light in providing high-quality learning, globally acclaimed citizenship, and maintaining international safety standards.
  • The school maintains an impressive teacher-student ratio of 1:10 and has been vocal always in owing its academic success to the school’s dedicated staff and enthusiastic students for consistently maintaining the school average of 84%.
  • QMIS connects, counsels, and nominates its students for the annual International Student Award, by opening doors to professional learning events.
  • With its global connections, it provides exceptional online career guidance support and an intercultural learning experience.

To ensure a happy schooling experience this CIS international school provides a stress-free learning environment, prudent teaching practices, and a holistic education system that takes care of the emotional well-being and a methodology to derive success from classrooms. 

Join the happy schooling movement and let QMIS guide your child toward a bright and promising future. Visit Queen Mira International School to know more!

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