Rewards of Collaborative Learning to Boost Student Engagement and Achievement.

Didn’t we all as kids enjoy the games period, lab hours and group study more than the usual school timetable? The reason is quite evident to all of us. We think, learn, perform, and share stupendously better around a peer group than being cornered with expectations as individuals. It is by implementing this ‘Collaborative Learning” model are the best international schools try to enhance the overall personality of the students. Among the best schools in Madurai, QMIS which is a CIS international school has adopted and been cascading the benefits of a ‘collaborative learning classroom’ to the student community since its inception.

Collaborative Learning and its benefits.

Collaborative learning is a unique learning style that inspires teamwork and socializing skills. When students work as a team in collaborative groups, without inhibitions they question each other, and share ideas and feedback to channel their own learning. A CIS international school will have models in place to plan, preselect, and form teams of the right size for a collaborative learning classroom to materialize. Collaborative learning programs can be in the form of:

  • Project groups
  • Writing groups
  • Group discussions
  • Group studies
  • Analytical or Problem-solving teams.
  • Debate teams
  • Peer editing or feedback-sharing sessions.
  • Role-playing and puzzle groups

Collaborative learning facilitates a fun learning experience for students in an effective way. Some of the obvious benefits of collaborative learning are:

  1. Improves rational thinking – When students sit together as a group to arrive at the best solution, they discuss and analyze each other’s ideas before arriving at the most feasible answer which improves their problem-solving skills.
  2. Inspires social communication – In collaborative learning necessitates the students to interact and bond as a team, verbally and using social cues. They learn to empathize, listen, and respect their peers which helps to create stronger bonding.
  3. Promotes diversity – Students from different various backgrounds, education, beliefs, and economic strata come together to work towards a common goal. In the process rich experiences, perspectives, and ideas are exchanged making them liberal and undogmatic.
  4. Inspires creativity – In a collaborative learning classroom, where brainstorming happens organically, in the process of arriving at an effective solution, new ideas will bloom. This will act as the perfect inspiration for all the group members to think differently and come up with unique ideas.
  5. Improves confidence and creative thinking skills – In working towards a common goal the collaborative learning classroom group will support, motivate, and help their team. With the newly acquired confidence, they are able to interpret, explain, and assess the suggestions which in turn boosts their critical-thinking skills.

Key aspects to consider when introducing Collaborative learning.

The school management and the teachers play a prime role in making the collaborative learning classroom a success. Points to consider when implementing a Collaborative learning methodology are:

  • Plan and list out the group work and notify the same to students well ahead of their academic schedule, so that they are well-equipped.
  • Set the ground rules and expected participation as a group and individuals as well.
  • Consider the group size and skillset while forming teams so that every student gets an opportunity to give their best.
  • Curate relevant group activities and assignments that will enhance the student’s creative and soft skills.
  • Plan and make the required sources available for every phase of the group work.
  • Lay out the terms for the group discussions and activities and carefully brief the grading model for each.
  • Introduce introspective exercises and team-building techniques to help the students develop the necessary skills to succeed.
  • Include self and peer-assessment practice for the group to evaluate themselves and their peers to understand their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Hold follow-up and feedback sessions to guide the students in the right direction which will boost their interactive and collaborative skills.

How does QMIS incorporate a collaborative learning classroom model?

True to its mission statement of ‘Anywhere and anytime learning environment’, QMIS, recognised as one the best schools in Madurai, ensures in all possible ways that it provides a collaborative learning environment. Developing the overall personality of the students and providing them with the right opportunities has been the school’s prime goal.

Queen Mira International School (QMIS) is emerging as a center for experimental learning for its students. It also has unceasing training initiatives for its teachers to equip them for the ‘Multiple intelligence’ pedagogy. This will equip the teachers with exemplary coaching and delivery skills. Providing a collaborative learning classroom is one of the guiding statements of QMIS.

The school offers several avenues and programs that make the collaborative learning experience effective. Multilingualism is encouraged by emphasizing other international languages, value-based education is followed to encourage collaborative thinking and communication, and through global citizenship, students identify and access innumerable sources and opportunities from across the globe.

Concluding thoughts.

Collaborative learning becomes the foundation for shaping the overall personality of the students at QMIS. The school believes in nurturing an environment where collective efforts will bring academic success. By offering collaborative classroom activities that can extend the student’s critical thinking, and social development, and interact with a global group, QMIS instills collaborative learning as a transformative force. It equips them to charge ahead of the dynamic challenges, excel academically, and progress both at interpersonal and intrapersonal levels.

If you want to provide your child with an education that goes beyond textbooks and moulds them into well-rounded individuals, QMIS is the ideal choice. Join the happy schooling movement and let QMIS guide your child toward a bright and promising future. Visit Queen Mira International School to know more!

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