International Schools in Madurai: Bridging Local and Global Education Standards.

Global education in India has grown by leaps and bounds, opening boundless opportunities for students to thrive on the global platform. The CBSE international board schools in India follow a pragmatic and experiential learning-based methodology. An international school curriculum addresses the holistic growth of a student setting the right benchmark for the other schools. 

From outshining in academics, realising and chasing one’s passion, and getting through tough competitive exams to land the dream job, a student educated and refined with global perspectives excels and emerges as an ideal individual. Read on to know more about the top 10 schools in Madurai affiliated to the CBSE international board, and the rewards of blending the CBSE curriculum and global education in India.

Why is Global Education in India gaining prominence?

The syllabus and teaching methods of an international school are exceptional, state-of-the-art infrastructure and the holistic approach help students to break borders and set new standards.

The students also enjoy their learning journey, gain insights into complex concepts & problem-solving skills, and confidently take on the challenges of tougher academics or a demanding career.

Queen Mira International which is acclaimed as the best school in Madurai adapts a globalised teaching approach that is aligned to international educational standards, exposing students to diversity in all forms. 

A well-structured global education in India lets students choose from a vast range of options like fine arts, photography, entrepreneurship, humanities, home science, medical, and engineering.

The top 10 schools in Madurai focus on identifying, strengthening, and channelising the inherent talents, strengths, and interests of the students by providing an interactive learning ethos.

What are the undeniable rewards of global education in India?

  • Exposure to vast learning sources & global network.
  • Stay well-equipped for competitive exams, and other challenges.
  • The learning journey is enjoyable and effective.
  • Develop and practise problem-solving & critical thinking skills.
  • Communicate like a pro & emerge as a champ in one’s field of interest.
  • Explore and make the best out of the varied opportunities.

How does QMIS impart top-flight global education?

“Impressive track record, exemplary teaching staff & techniques, a CIS accreditation, technology integrated teaching, best of CBSE and international curriculum, and academic excellence” Queen Mira International School is synonymous with all of the above criteria and hence is applauded as the best school in Madurai.

QMIS imparts the values of the 3B curriculum (broad, balanced and blended) from primary to the higher secondary grades which foster individuality and inspire collective progress.

Holistic development is the main goal pillar of QMIS, around which an international curriculum is curated and the expert staff are consistently trained to provide a safe and encouraging learning environment to its student community.

The school achieves academic excellence by letting students explore multi-dimensional excellence, which encompasses social, intellectual, and physical growth to emerge as change-makers. QMIS lays equal emphasis on academic rigour and co-curricular activities as well. It is through these engagements and a wide spectrum of activities that learning beyond the classroom is made possible.

Value-based learning is one of the core values of QMIS which is inculcated in the student’s daily routine, to consistently provide a holistic education & sustainable development.

Being one of the top 10 schools in Madurai and the first to be awarded the CIS accreditation, QMIS effectively practises and implements the Child Protection policies and health & safety norms as established by an international panel of authorities, to regularly review & upgrade the safety principles to any possible possible threats.

While many of the standard CBSE schools focus on academic distinction, it is the best school in Madurai that follows a CBSE international board that not only promises but also strives to take care of and achieve the socio-economic well-being of its student and staff community.

The school shapes the students in digital citizenship to complement teaching & learning, and to foster responsible use of technology. QMIS as one of the top 10 schools in Madurai grants global citizenship to its students by embracing, respecting, and celebrating diversity to foster a peaceful leadership globally. Through its Global citizenship committee, the school empowers students to resolve challenges and transform into leaders to create a more peaceful world.

The unique capabilities, aptitude, and passion that are inherent in every child need to be seen, encouraged, and allowed to pursue. A conducive learning environment with admirable teaching facilities and methods that can let them experience diversity, develop life skills, and learn intuitive values, is the need of the hour. The global education in India is thankfully flexible enough to adapt to the changing needs and capabilities of the students and address the above vital goals. To shape young minds and to win over a culturally & professionally diverse environment, an international education is essential. Guided by the UN and CIS’s development goals, QMIS has a Global Citizenship framework that is linked to the CBSE curriculum, giving students several prospects through expressive collaborations to develop leadership experiences. Gift your child this perfect learning environment. Visit Queen Mira International School, Madurai to learn more.

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