Inspiring Excellence: Unravelling the Vision and Mission of Queen Mira International.

A world of opportunities awaits at Queen Mira International School, Madurai. Applauded as one of the best CBSE schools in Madurai, it believes in creating leaders of tomorrow because, at QMIS, education is beyond academics, encompassing every facet of a child’s learning journey that will transform them into self-assured and responsible individuals. For relentless academic excellence and delivering high-quality international education, the school is the first of a CBSE school to be honoured with the CIS accreditation (The Council of International Schools). 

Some of the school’s highlights include:

  • Fully integrated curriculum for Pre-KG to Grade 12.
  • Over 14 years of rich legacy.
  • A beautiful and expansive campus with the best infrastructure.
  • Ideal student and teacher ratio of 10:1 for more focus.
  • Student-centric teaching methods.
  • Value-based education and interactive classrooms.
  • Flexible education through experiential learning.
  • Carefully curated curriculum for students with special needs.
  • Co-curricular activities to match the demands of the real world.
  • Joyful and practical learning environment for students to acknowledge their hidden potential.

Accolades and recognitions.

Recognised as one of the best CBSE schools in Madurai, QMIS with over 12 years of experience strives and achieves in producing responsible global citizens instilled with core values of accountability, integrity, commitment, respect and positivity. 

Queen Mira Madurai is the first ever CBSE school in the world to be conferred the CIS accreditation (Council of International Schools) for consistently delivering academic excellence and adhering to the safety norms and education standards of the accreditation. The school has been the proud winner of KIDDIFEST, an inter-school competition for 3 consecutive years which has over 3000 students from 125 schools and four districts. As a CBSE international board, it has a proven performance record of 84% of the school average and is the recipient of the Education World Award. 

The vision and mission of the school emphasises and strives for a global outlook and was honoured with the British Council’s International Dimension award. QMIS has been seamlessly helping students connect with several global universities and open up opportunities in various segments through a unique career guidance portal. 

How does QMIS achieve holistic excellence?

Being a value-driven school, QMIS fosters holistic development through balanced physical, social and emotional development. Being one of the top 10 schools in Madurai that is affiliated to the CBSE international board the school has promoted intercultural learning and provides several opportunities for the students to embrace, adapt, and learn from the diversity eminent in the school’s values. 

Brilliance through ideal vision and mission statements.

The school is synonymous with a happy learning environment that strives for the student’s overall growth and well-being. The co-curricular clubs, fitness programs, and enrichment sessions offer learning beyond the classrooms. The teaching techniques and the curriculum are integrated with these, to cater to different learning abilities and interests of the students and to stimulate and encourage young minds.

Best blend of CBSE and CIS values in the curriculum.

QMIS believes in including the fun element in a child’s learning journey. So, the curriculum is thoughtfully curated by blending CBSE needs and CIS standards. Each child’s talent is acknowledged, positive life values are fostered, and experiential learning is emphasised to provide a stimulating and supportive learning environment.

Stimulating learning enrichments.

In addition to encouraging multi-linguist skills, art forms and fitness initiatives, the school also has music & dance rooms, expansive outdoor fields, a well-equipped IT lab and library with rich collections, a robotics lab, and an indoor basketball court. STEAM sessions and Student-driven learning programs help in cross-curricular linkage and improve the application-level understanding of the subjects. 

Value-based education.

The entire curriculum is integrated with values to shape young minds and ready them for the challenging future. QMIS is recognised as one of the top 10 schools in Madurai for its unique international curriculum. The ‘Early Childhood program’ teaches the qualities of exploration, curiosity, and discovery in a fun-filled and safe environment.

The ‘Middle Years Programme’ targets the children’s varied intellectual and developmental needs. By preserving the innate curiosity, progression and learning ensues at this phase. Graduates of ‘Secondary programmes shine and steer as young and confident minds ready to follow their passion and make a difference.

All-rounded well-being and growth.

It is in the vision and mission of the school to educate the leaders of tomorrow through collaborative learning and a global outlook. The BFIT fitness programme for physical well-being, the NCC wing emphasises discipline and leadership, and adventure clubs are a few practices to ensure physical well-being. Rhapsody, STEAM sessions and student-driven classes to gain critical thinking skills and diverse perspectives.

Counselling and support to groom the leaders of tomorrow.

At QMIS every student is a star. True to the vision and mission of the school, learning support for students with special needs, remedial sessions to boost confidence, counselling sessions for emotional literacy, and a career guidance program to assist and guide them for a bright future are a few notable endeavours that recognise and respect the potential and differences among the students.

To learn more about the school’s international teaching methods and opportunities to reach the global platform, visit QMIS’s website.

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