How to Prepare Your Child for Admission into the Best Schools in Madurai

A school for a child is the best learning ground that plays a vital role in shaping their personality and instilling the right values. Parents and the schools’ guidance can focus on academic success, which will equip them to fare well on the global platform. So, it is also essential to prepare kids to be ready to get admission to the best schools in India. This blog is a conclusive guide for millennial parents seeking admissions to the best schools in Madurai for their wards.

Popular tips to prepare your child for admission into the best schools in Madurai.

If you are searching for the ‘best CBSE Schools near me’ to train your kids to get admissions, then there are certain preliminaries in which your child must be readied to gain admission into the best schools in Madurai. Sometimes the admission process in these schools can become daunting and parents and children begin to feel lost and exhausted. Keep in mind the below-mentioned simple tips to secure admission for your ward in the school of your choice.

Search for the ‘best CBSE Schools near me’ and research:

It is always important to research well to understand the available options of good schools nearby. When you have a few shortlisted options in hand you can compare between them, and save your time and efforts before narrowing down to the best fit. Consider private, international, and charter schools because each offers varied educational philosophies and programs. Evaluate your child’s requirements, interests, and learning style to determine the most appropriate school.

For instance, if you are looking for the best schools in Madurai, get an idea about the admission process in these schools, the curriculum followed, extracurriculars that are included, and other cohesive facilities that can provide a supportive learning environment for the students. Queen Mira International School in Madurai is one of your best choices that surpasses all of the above requirements and provides an international level of education and amenities.

Start preparing early:

Do not wait for the admission time to begin the preparation process, so that you can avoid last-minute stress and make the right decision. Most of the best schools in India have specific admission timelines and requisites, so when you start early you get ample time to gather the necessary documents, fill out forms/applications, and schedule appointments, and prepare well for the interviews. So starting early will prove to be successful in seeking your child’s admission.

Visit the shortlisted schools:

Do not miss the chance to visit the potential schools and if possible, take your child along. This not only lets them familiarize themselves with the school environment and meet the teaching staff but also envision themselves as part of the school community. Encouraging your child to express their thoughts & feelings, and ask questions about each school can also help you make the right decision.

Train them for the assessments & interviews:

Some of the best schools in Madurai conduct specific entrance tests as part of their admission process to assess the child’s inherent capabilities. Visiting the school websites and collecting as much data as possible can help train your ward.

Support and guide your child in preparing and practising basic academic skills such as reading, writing, and arithmetic. Besides, talking with parents who have been through the admission test can give insights into the selection process. Also having a casual chat and assuring the children can help them stay calm and confident during assessments.

Highlight your child’s strengths:

Each child has unique capabilities and strengths that parents can recognize and encourage. So, when filling out application forms or attending interviews, highlighting their interests, strengths, and achievements will not only give the admissions pane a well-rounded view of your child but also boost the child’s confidence.

Encourage individuality from a young age:

Responsibility and individuality go hand-in-hand. Do not wait for adulthood to expose them to these responsibilities. Start early by seeking their help at home for simple tasks, allot easy responsibilities and acknowledge and thank them. It will soon bloom into a habit and boost their confidence levels

Building strong fundamentals:

Before students begin their schooling journey, parents can train them at home by downloading simple worksheets or reading out stories to build their numeracy, curiosity, and reasoning skills. By encouraging and supporting them, a positive mindset will be instilled.

Stay supportive throughout:

While it is natural for them to aim for acceptance into the ‘best CBSE schools near me’, it is also essential to help them manage expectations and prepare for the outcomes. This can be done by maintaining a positive & supportive attitude, offering encouragement and praising their efforts, regardless of the outcomes.

Some of the best schools in Madurai affiliated with the CBSE curriculum such as Queen Mira, not only offer state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities but, also strive to provide holistic growth for its students. These schools help students to identify their interests and pursue them meticulously. QMIS grooms not just successful individuals, but also the change-makers of tomorrow. Visit the school website to learn about the admission process and prepare your child to get into this esteemed school for them to emerge as emotionally, academically, and socially intelligent individuals. 

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