Happy Schooling at Queen Mira International School is a Dream Come True.

How does happy schooling influence learning?

School syllabi can sometimes seem drab and monotonous. Yet, it is incredible how creative teaching methods can infuse life into learning, making the journey fun for Students.

Motivation: Enjoyable and fun-filled experiences in learning will motivate students to be more regular and develop an interest in acquiring knowledge and skills

Attention span: Happy schooling at Queen Mira International School has been able to boost the student’s focus and comprehension, making learning more effective.

Social Skill: Enjoyable and exciting learning experiences provide ample opportunities for students to with their peers and improve their confidence and communication skills.

What are the methods by which ‘happy schooling’ can be made possible?

Exposure to real-life situations: Connecting real-life scenarios to students’ real lives will help them think critically and apply their logical learnings better. For instance, students can apply their math average calculation learning to find the average age of their class and analyse and comprehend the concept better.

More open-ended options/questions: The more choices, the more students are made to think and evaluate, before arriving at the most suitable one. Also lets them feel empowered and engage better, if given options. For example, you can let them sit either in the classrooms or in the school’s green places to learn or for a group activity. 

Include games while teaching: Games are a better way to involve students in learning and understanding the concepts. These fun activities can be subject or non-subject-related. For instance, puzzles can be given in the language classes, identify and colour in the science classes, and so on. To encourage better participation and reward the students, teachers can give appreciation cards or star badges. 

Leverage from technological tools & sources: Incorporating technology while teaching lessons can increase students’ learning and engagement. Technology can cater to the needs of different learners by using video and audio. For example, concept-related videos can make students more interested and help them gain more clarity.

Identify and acknowledge varied potential: Each student is blessed with different interests and talents. Learning becomes effective when teachers know well the different interests and hobbies of their students. QMIS, which is a CIS accredited school in Madurai has unique teaching methods to identify and acknowledge the strengths of every student.

Create more group activities: Group tasks are the best means for students to be exposed to and learn from diverse viewpoints, better express their ideas, and learn to communicate well. This not only improves their thinking skills but their socialising skills as well. Incorporating 30-second breaks, warm-up exercises or games in-between lessons can give students time to relax.

Ensure all students get opportunities: Each student is unique, carrying a different level of intelligence. Provide them with several opportunities to showcase their talents through different types of activities while teaching. For instance, while summarizing a lesson, allow each one to do so in their style, while a few will do it orally, the others can make a presentation, represent pictorially, or even write a poem on the said topic.

Promote healthy competition: Promoting healthy competition is an effective way to promote learning from each other. Conducting more group activities with fair and positive rules for debates/presentations on interesting topics where the students can share, analyse, and give feedback on each other’s pieces can prove to be very effective.

These are a few commonly implemented teaching methods to improve the students’ engagement and learning, while also ensuring the students enjoy the process. The top 10 schools in Madurai city are striving to provide fun-filled and supportive classrooms to enhance the attitude and development of students.

Happy Schooling at Queen Mira International School.

“More and Beyond” is the exemplary vision of QMIS which is committed to creating a holistic and encouraging learning environment that goes beyond traditional education. This CIS accredited school applauded as the best school in Madurai shapes responsible global citizens focusing on the overall well-being of the students. Notable reasons to choose QMIS:

  • Happy schooling is an admirable reality.
  • Experience an enjoyable learning journey beyond the walls of the classrooms.
  • Know your strengths and follow your passion through the school’s exemplary student enrichment programs.

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