Enhancing Student Wellbeing: The Role of Wellness Programs in Schools.

How Does Wellness Programs in School Achieve the Overall Wellbeing of Students?

A student on average spends at school between 4-8 hours a day. More than the environment, peers, and staff who influence the students’ personality, it is the wellness sessions that make their learning journey fruitful. Who amongst us wasn’t excited about the PT, arts & crafts, or yoga classes during our school days? It was the time for us to break free from tight subject schedules, unwind, explore, relax, and acknowledge our potential. Some of the best schools in India go the extra mile to care for, design, and implement wellness programs that will focus on the emotional and physical well-being of the students. These programs facilitate students’ holistic growth, reduce/manage behavioural issues and absenteeism, improve academic performance & creativity, and also save on healthcare costs. Wellness programs are not just a smart strategy for the schools but also their moral responsibility to foster the well-being of the students, staff, parents, and society as a whole.

How do students benefit from the wellness programs?

The wellness programs in school prioritize and focus on developing a positive growth mindset. The teaching techniques and the co-curricular activities by many international schools in Madurai strive to provide a joyful and stress-free learning environment to the students so that their overall well-being is taken care of. While the academic curriculum focuses on the student’s knowledge development, these wellness programs are integrated into their routine to foster individuality from a young age.

Teaches discipline: Whether it is an art club or sports activity, students approach with a renewed mindset and enthusiasm. More importantly, they learn to play by the rules and adopt punctuality and patience.

Follow a better diet: A balanced diet decides our overall well-being. So, when students become aware of the importance of such a diet through wellness programs in school, they acclimatize themselves to a good diet sooner.

Learn to manage stress: In today’s world where children are treated as performers, the pressure they endure at school and home is immense. The various wellness programs allow them to explore their potential, focus on their areas of interest, and enjoy the learning journey.

Enjoy better health: When a young mind is stress-free and can follow its passion, it is sure to stay healthy, unlike the over-stressed kids who fall sick often. With a calm mind, students get physically more active and stay mentally stimulated. This coupled with a proper diet is the right path for them to stay healthy.

Know yourself better: Whether a child excels in academics, is a natural athlete, or an artist in the making, they are stars in their ways. Well-planned and implemented wellness activities by the international schools in Madurai, let the students explore, acknowledge, and follow their strengths and passions.

Why is it vital to have wellness programs in school?

Schools that encourage learning beyond the textbooks can assist in the student’s intellectual development and building of social skills. Activities such as counseling sessions, co-curricular activities, and sports sessions can effectively stimulate the student’s strengths and calm their minds as well. Some of the notable benefits of incorporating the right wellness programs for every age group in schools include:

  • Students naturally inculcate healthy and reflective habits.
  • They learn to multitask and better manage their time & stress.
  • Wellness programs are havens to identify and address early mind/body-related illnesses.
  • Beyond improved academic performance, students also exhibit creativity and resilience.
  • A healthy mind and body are achieved leading to the student’s holistic growth.
  • Society receives much-needed empowered individuals with a positive attitude.
  • The lessons learnt in school, at home, and in the field prepares them to take up the many challenges confidently.

The exclusive wellness programs at QMIS.

Queen Mira Madurai is one of the renowned international schools in Madurai and is the first to be honored with CIS accreditation. QMIS is a vision-driven school that strongly believes in the emotional and physical well-being of students to groom them as change-makers of tomorrow. It has implemented several innovative physical wellness and enrichment programs to achieve learning beyond the walls of the classroom.

Applauded as one of the best schools in India, Queen Mira Madurai has thoughtfully designed and implemented these programs not as after-school activities, but also as an integral part of the curriculum. By facilitating a collaborative learning environment through cross-curricular sessions and student-driven classes, students stay creative and develop critical thinking skills. Sports events and workshops aren’t just an annual event at QMIS, but an integral part of their everyday routine, where they learn stress & time management and work with a diverse team. The school’s clubs and sports sessions cover several indoor & outdoor games, art forms, and language classes. Students at QMIS do not just excel in academics but also emerge as change makers, ready to take on the global platform.  

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