Empowering Young Minds: Unravelling India’s Best School for a Bright Future

“It takes a village to raise a kid”, the famous quote goes. Now, imagine the source and caliber that the best schools in India will need to shape the minds of students, who are brimming with potential. In the present times, when the world refuses to pause, schools must ditch the cookie-cutter curriculum and offer flexibility in the learning experiences. So, the compliant individuals grow inheriting decision-making skills, being empowered to choose their line of interest. The best international schools in India provide immense and innovative opportunities for students to explore through learning, to emerge as potential leaders. This blog will brief you on the need for holistic development of the students and how some of the best schools in India make it possible.

Why empower and enrich young minds?

It is time that schools begin to rethink the way in which the learning environment and experiences are structured, to facilitate a smooth transition for the students into the challenging world beyond. Experiential learning is the need of the hour, which has to be included with ample choices. It not only instills a sense of identity in the young minds but also allows them to explore and follow their passion. For instance, letting them express themselves using art forms or solve problems through a social activity can trigger their critical thinking skills and introspect their strengths and interests. This in turn motivates them to stay independent, work in a diverse group, and embrace differences.

It is to achieve this that the CIS-accredited schools in India have adapted reflective models of teaching methods to help students learn through experience, either independently or with their peers. The students are also given a balanced number of choice-based activities and closed ones, the performance of both being considered while evaluating their growth. So, the students are empowered and groomed to thrive in an unstructured and typical environment as well.

How do the best schools in India promote curiosity and confidence in students?

Experience-based learning: When given a chance to work on a project from the lens of real-world problems, students feel empowered and begin to think out of the box, collaborate, empathize, and arrive at the most appropriate solutions. And true learning happens organically. They learn to align the issue/task at hand with their strengths, while also being in control of the limitations. The CIS-accredited schools in India, well-known for offering holistic development, undertake more such synergistic activities that test and encourage confident thinkers. The outcomes of these projects acknowledge positive perspectives and traits in every individual, encouraging them to explore atypical avenues.

Learning Resources: The availability of extensive resources for learning beyond the classroom curriculum can set the student’s creative wheels running. Learning resources with ample choices are dreamlike support that will help build their research ability and synthesize ideas independently. When young minds are given the liberty to pursue their areas of interest, it boosts their curiosity, making effective use of every learning resource.

Extracurricular clubs: Schools that facilitate workshops or clubs as a part of any learning day, build emotionally and intellectually strong individuals. Whether it is to follow their passion or seek excellence in any art form, these clubs can boost students’ confidence, teach them perseverance, and acknowledge their competence.

Field/adventure trips: The memories of our school field trip are still afresh for all of us. Alongside the joyful experience and bonding with friends and teachers, the multifaceted learning that these trips inculcate is subtle yet undeniable. These purposeful exploration trips coupled with mentor talks, and a meet with field experts can be eye-openers for young minds.

Balanced evaluation methods: Providing several activity choices and open-ended assignments should be a part of the student’s evaluation. Not just the mastery over the subject, but also the way of expressing must be gauged. Along with time-bound activities, individual/group assignments that carry a timeline allow them to learn strategy-building skills.

Why is QMIS hailed as one of the best CIS-accredited schools?

Queen Mira International School is one of the first to be honoured as a CIS-accredited school in India. True to their motto of “More & Beyond” the everyday curriculum is embedded with innovative enrichment programs. For delivering consistent academic excellence and connecting students to a global platform Queen Mira Madurai remains one of the best schools in India. The school strives to provide a collaborative learning experience, interactive classrooms, and a value-based education, a perfect amalgamation of CIS and the International CBSE curriculum.

QMIS strongly believes in learning beyond the classroom. So, the management has thoughtfully integrated robust academia, workshops & clubs to encourage multilingualism and several art forms, student-driven classes, and digital and social committees, to ensure the students emerge as change makers. Queen Mira Madurai has undoubtedly been the pioneer in introducing innovative co-curricular clubs and events to ensure the holistic development of the students. To learn more about the school’s unparalleled initiatives, head to qmis.edu.in

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