Supporting Student Well-Being: Strategies for Promoting Mental Health and Emotional Resilience

It is a well-known fact that the mental health of a person determines their productivity and it is no different for students. Students spend a significant amount of time at school before they enter adolescence. Student well being in school includes their learning environment, peers and teachers who will primarily influence a student’s personality. Hence, the top 10 schools in Madurai that are aligned with international education emphasise and have implemented wellness programs to ensure students attain emotional balance and resilience. 

QMIS which is recognised as the best school in Madurai has established programs that enable student’s holistic development, manage behavioural issues & absenteeism, boost academic performance and creativity, and also save on healthcare expenses. Wellness programs are not just one of the teaching techniques for a CBSE international board school but also their responsibility to instil the overall well-being of the school community.

Benefits of maintaining student well being in school. 

Some of the best schools in Madurai such as QMIS, are aligned with the CBSE international board curriculum encourage learning beyond classrooms and assist in the student’s intellectual growth and building of social skills. Student well being in school is achieved through activities like counselling sessions, and co-curricular, and sports sessions to stimulate their strengths and calm their minds as effectively. 

  • Some of the key benefits of including wellness programs in schools for all age groups include:
  • Students develop reflective habits.
  • Students adapt to multitasking.
  • Effective time and stress management learnings are passed on.
  • These programs help to identify at the right time and address any mind and body-related illness.
  • Students exhibit improved academic performance, creativity and resilience.
  • Emotional and physical well being is achieved and eventually to the student’s holistic growth.
  • Students transform into empowered individuals with a positive mindset.
  • The valuable lessons learnt in school, at home, and while at play prepare them to take up many challenges confidently.

How is the best school in Madurai able to achieve the emotional well being of students?

Queen Mira Madurai which is one of the top CBSE international board schools in Madurai, through its wellness programs prioritises and focuses on developing a positive students’ mindset. The teaching methods and the co-curricular initiatives strive to provide a joyful and stress-free learning experience, to achieve holistic development. While the academic curriculum focuses on the student’s knowledge enhancement, these wellness programs are embedded in the student’s everyday routine to encourage individuality from a young age. 

Discipline through art clubs: Whether it is an art club or sports session, students learn to approach the activities with renewed vigour and positivity. More importantly, they learn to be team members and adopt punctuality and patience.

Stick to a balanced diet: A balanced diet determines student well being in school. So, when students are made aware of the importance of a balanced diet through these wellness programs where they acclimatise to a healthy diet and stay consistently fit.

Learn to manage stress: Students are treated as performers from a very young age, so the pressure they go through at school and home is intense. These wellness programs give them the right chances to explore their potential, follow their areas of interest, and enjoy the learning process.

Emotional resilience: A young mind that is stress-free will be able to follow its passion and stay healthy, unlike the over-stressed kids who fall sick often. With a calm mind, students get physically active and stay mentally enthused. This coupled with a proper diet is the right path for them to achieve success.

Gain individuality: A child might excel in academics, be a natural athlete, or an artist in the making, yet they are stars in their light. Well-planned and implemented wellness activities by international schools such as QMIS, allow students to explore, acknowledge, and follow their strengths and passions.

The exclusive emotional wellness programs at QMIS.

Queen Mira Madurai is well-known as one of the top 10 schools in Madurai and is the first to be awarded the CIS accreditation. Being a vision-driven school that believes in and focuses on the emotional and physical well-being of its students, QMIS has implemented quite a lot of effective physical & emotional wellness and enrichment programs to bring alive a happy schooling environment.

QMIS being one of the best CBSE international board schools has thoughtfully designed and incorporated these emotional wellness programs not just as after-school activities, but also as an integral part of their daily curriculum. 

This top international school in Madurai provides a collaborative learning environment through impactful cross-curricular and student-driven sessions. Students gradually turn creative and develop critical thinking skills. Annual sports events and workshops form an integral part of the school’s routine practises, where students are given ample opportunities to learn stress and time management and work with a diverse team. The school’s clubs and sports sessions encompass indoor and outdoor games, art forms, and language classes. Visit the school website to know how the students at QMIS excel in academics and also emerge as change makers, ready to take on the global platform. 

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