The 3 B curriculum -Broad, Balanced and Blended of QMIS from Kindergarten to Grade 12 fosters individuality, one that stems from and inspires collective progress. The school commits to optimise teaching, learning and facilitate children’s holistic development and well being, through a curriculum which stimulates and creates an environment that is safe and child centered. The learners explore multiple dimensions of excellence, encompassing intellectual, social and physical development thereby emerging as change makers. There is equal emphasis on academic rigor and engagements beyond the classroom through a wide spectrum of opportunities. At QMIS, value based learning plays a pivotal role to impart holistic education. The School’s Philosophy is fed into the daily routine of the school through 12 guiding statements

Creativity & Innovation

Students at QMIS acquire the skill set needed to elevate and expand their creativity and innovation mindset with effective utilization of the available resources.


QMIS imparts strategies to nurture Leadership skills in students to drive them towards the School’s Vision and Mission.

Collaborative Learning

Encouraging students to reach out to each other to solve problems and share knowledge not only builds collaboration skills, it leads to deeper learning and understanding at QMIS.


QMIS’ approach to experiential learning encourages students to develop the reflective habits required for lifelong learning.

Global Citizenship

QMIS facilitates the child to understand the wider world and their place in it by empowering and equipping them.