Teachers at QMIS are competent in their subjects and are trained to take up complex roles in shaping a child’s future. They “learn and unlearn” to keep abreast of the developments in teaching. Understanding the need of the hour, our focus is on developing the 21st century learning skills. In the view of catering to the varied expectation of the stakeholders, the school has exclusive positions:

Parents Relationship Manager (PRM)

To act as a bridge between the teachers and the parents. This profile ensures that the concerns of the parents never go unnoticed and are addressed without delay.

Technology Integration Specialist (TIS)

To support and enrich the teaching and learning through incorporating the technological tools and applications into the lesson plan thereby making it informative and interesting to students. As an in-house resource, the profile equips the teachers on the appropriate learning of applications and assists in the transition from manual methods to digitalization.

Learning & Organisational Development Consultant (L&OD)

Inclusion of L&OD Consultant has strengthened the HR department in designing intensified and member specific Professional Development Programmes and process implementation across departments.