Child security becomes a matter of paramount concern for every parent nowadays. Increasing crime rate against children is affecting every corner of the world. This additional responsibility of student safety lies heavily on educational bodies they belong to. QMIS, which guarantees the safety of its children, brings peace of mind to its school management and parents. It also helps in building the institute’s goodwill and branding in the market. We take pride that our parents are aware that institute is concerned about the safety of its students and are more likely to enrol their children in to our institution. To deal with issue of Child Safety in school, 158 CCTV’s are fixed and exclusively monitored by a team, throughout the campus and in the school buses to keep an eye on remote entrances/exits, off limit areas to prevent vandalism and to eliminate unauthorized intruders. QMIS has also developed an RFID based Smart Attendance and Security Solution. We had integrated the hardware and software using the RFID technology to mark the student’s attendance automatically. Parents can also check the attendance of their ward using the Mobile Application. This product will bridge the gap between parents and teachers and will help in creating better school and parents’ relationship, which in turn will ensure the safety of every child.

For School Gates

  • STEP 1: RFID chip enabled badge will be issued to students which contain all his/her vital information (in text as well as in electronic format) which can be scanned using RFID reader later
  • STEP 2: When child enters or exits school gate, RFID reader/antenna installed at Entrance scans child’s ID card and sends information to secure data server
  • STEP 3: Secure data server sends notification to parent confirming that child is present in the school or left the school

For Parents

  • Parents can track IN/OUT times of gate of their child
  • Parents can track real time bus location of their child
  • Saves lots of time of parents in waiting at the drop-off/pick up points
  • Easy to operate and user-friendly system
  • Peace of mind
  • Can track and trace the movement of ward from home
  • Can take rescue measures, if SMS not received in time
  • Excellent option for working parents