A vision-driven school. Producing responsible global citizens infused with core values - Accountability, Commitment, Integrity, Respect and Positivity. Fostering holistic development by ensuring balanced physical, social and emotional development. Promoting intercultural learning. Providing and maintaining international safety standards. Staff-Student ratio of 1:10. Produces fit individuals through BFIT fitness programme. Establishment of NCC wing to emphasise on disciplined leadership and service to the nation. 1st ever CBSE school in the world to be conferred upon the accreditation by the Council of International Schools (CIS) Lieden, Netherlands. Overall winner for 3 consecutive years in KIDDIFEST, an inter-school competition participated by 3000 students from 125 schools and 4 districts. Proven Academic track record in Grade X and XII with a consistent school average of 84%. Recipient of The Education World Award. Recipient of The British Council's International Dimension in School for the period, Connects with hundreds of universities globally to know the opportunities in various services and industries through a unique online career guidance portal. STEAM and Student Driven learning programme to bring in cross curricular linkage and enhance the millennial learners. Marching ahead crossing 11 years of legacy.

School's Philosophy

“We at QMIS believe in ensuring the well being of the body, mind and soul of the individual by instilling a steady growth mindset, who learn and unlearn to emerge as change makers.”


QMIS takes the learning of the children “More & Beyond” the classroom and books through various student enrichment programs.



“Educating the leaders of tomorrow who will change the way the world lives, learns and works”



  • The global vision of QMIS is realized through its mission of Anywhere any time learning environment.
  • Collaborative learning environment of students and teachers provide opportunities to develop personnel and professional attributes.
  • Deliver value based education that produces responsible global citizens who act as a change factor in the society.

Core Value

QMIS builds the values through the environment, curricular and co-curricular programmes and shapes the staff and students with the following core values


Be accountable for own actions, do the best, pursue excellence, resolve differences in constructive ways.


A commitment to the acquisition of knowledge and the achievement of personal potential.


A steady and faithful observance of a code of moral values. This includes honesty in word and deed and developing trustworthy individuals.


Instilling a positive or optimistic attitude by building the confidence to handle challenges.


Respect the property of others and treat others fairly and instill oneness in thoughts despite the differences


Guiding Statement

QMIS has a well structured guiding statements which act as the rungs of the ladders to take us to our vision.


Offer a blended - CBSE curriculum that is both local and global and has a strong emphasis on encouraging the development of Global Citizenship.


Create a safe and supportive environment where the physical and emotional integrity and safety of each member of the QMIS staff and student community is a matter of high priority.


Develop awareness of our interconnected world and realize our individual and collective responsibility to become a change factor and to live sustainably.


Facilitate opportunities that enhance ethical, social, intellectual and creative competencies both inside and outside the classroom.


Encourage a value – based education through inquiry, collaborative thinking, communication and research skills.


Cultivate multilingualism with an emphasis on French and Japanese Language acquisition.


To ensure the social – emotional well being of staff and students and to empower self – management skills.


Ensure that students have ample opportunities to acquire and develop leadership experiences both within the school as well as through meaningful global collaboration.


Foster the use of innovative technology to enhance teaching and learning and to empower students to become content creators.


Embed the importance and value of Digital Citizenship and Intellectual property rights in the effective use of technology.


Support learning and program development through effective, purposeful and ongoing assessment practices.


Foster shared partnership between students, families and all stakeholders of the QMIS family.