We Are A CIS Accredited School

Madurai is steeped in history and is rich in its tradition and culture. People from all over the world visit the temple city to learn about the archaeological excavations and cultural heritage and are astounded by the magnificent monuments and ancient structures built by kings. Madurai, which has played a significant role in patronising Tamil literature with the establishment of Tamil Sangams, has recently found its earnest place on the global map for excellence in education.

Yes! Queen Mira International School is the first ever CBSE school in the world to have been granted the CIS (Council of International Schools) accreditation for deliverance of “High quality learning”, “Global citizenship” and “Excellent maintenance of International safety standards”. As many as 758 schools across the world have obtained membership status, out of which 503 schools including 19 in India and 4 in Tamil Nadu, have been granted accreditation.

QMIS is the only school following the national curriculum to have been accredited by the CIS.

This non – profit membership community headquartered at Leiden, Netherlands, works collaboratively to shape international education through professional services to schools, higher education , institutions and individuals. The eminence and rigidity of CIS International Accreditation is recognised by the ministries of European nations, US, Canada, United Kingdom and several education departments and universities in 123 countries across the world as demonstration of a school’s commitment to high quality international education. The final award of CIS accreditation shows that the school has achieved high standards of professional performance in international education and has a commitment to continuous improvement.

CIS Accredited School

Leading universities including University of Cambridge – UK, Imperial College – London, NUS – Singapore, University of Chicago and many other CIS accredited varsities across the world accord priority to students from CIS-accredited schools. In short, it is a gateway for students to experience international higher education of quality.


Health And Safety Committee

The foremost objective of this committee is safety for all, which is effective in practice through the implementation of Health & Safety policy and Child Protection Policy. This committee periodically reviews and upgrades the safety measures to eliminate any possible threats.

This committee ensures the socio – emotional wellbeing of the students and staff. It works with various external enterprises who provide an indispensable orientation on child safety. We create a safe and supportive environment where the physical, emotional integrity and safety of each member is a matter of high priority. Health camps are conducted for the Children and the staff to ensure their wellbeing. We concentrate on the child’s safety in all spheres – classroom, campus and outbound campus.

Digital Citizenship Committee

DCC fosters the use of innovative technologies to augment teaching and learning, and to empower students to become content creators. We educate the students about the value of Digital Citizenship and Intellectual Property Rights in the effective use of technology. More awareness on Cyber Safety is given to the children. We create a positive school culture that supports the safe and responsible use of technology.

Global Citizenship Committee

At Queen Mira, we define Global citizenship as: “Internationally – minded by understanding and embracing diversity in all forms and by respecting and celebrating this diversity in order to foster a peaceful, just and sustainable world” through

  • Being aware of learning about and understanding the world beyond ourselves, our planet and all people with whom we share it.
  • Demonstrating and promoting values of compassion, respect and acceptance for all people, diverse cultures and beliefs. Embracing cultural differences and commonalities.
  • Taking personal responsibility and working interdependently to create local and global sustainable solutions for a more peaceful, inclusive and united world.

With this in mind, we have developed a unique Global citizenship programme at QMIS which empowers learners to assume active roles to face and resolve Global challenges taking proactive, personal responsibility for creating a more peaceful and sustainable world.

Guided by the Council of International Schools and UN’s Sustainable development goals, we have created a framework for the Global Citizenship Programme that is linked to the curriculum as well. It gives the students a great opportunity to acquire and develop leadership experiences through meaningful collaborations.

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